• Prasanth Kallay

The Significance of Segmentation

What is email segmentation? Email segmentation is all about reaching all the members of your list without leaving out any member. As a matter of fact all the members in your list cannot be of the same mindset. Many would feel hesitant to even open your email. Such members can be segmented as a group. That particular group could be dealt with in a different manner by you when it comes to taking news about your business.

Some members would do everything and purchase your product or service. These members can be grouped together and segmented. You would do well to send emails to them in a bid to effect more sales in the future. That's simply because the group members showed a lot of interest in your business.

Some members would not hesitate to take actions such as signing up for a forthcoming webinar, taking tours, signing up for newsletters, testing products and the like. These members could be grouped as a segment so you can send emails to them during product launches and sample testing drives.

Thus you can see from the above description that email segmentation can go a long way in establishing your business and taking it to the next level. Your email marketing venture can be very successful if you employ email segmentation procedure to perfection.

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