• Prasanth Kallay

How to Make Use of Welcome Email

Welcome email is the first email that you send to your subscriber. It is normally sent in the automation mode. That is a welcome email is sent upon subscription to the new prospect.

Some email marketers send the welcome email a day or two days after the subscription. Such a welcome email is sent in the normal mode. As a matter of fact it is up to you to choose from the options provided by your email marketing software. In other words you may choose either the automation mode or the normal mode. By choosing the normal mode you can send the welcome email on any day you want.

You can make use of the welcome email in an optimizing manner. It gives you ample opportunity to provide links to your social media profiles. Besides thanking the prospect for subscribing to your website content, you can request the subscriber to provide some details such as his or her birthday, his or her interests on the other related products or services, his or her thoughts about your existing business, etc. This is done in a bid to build a sort of sound prospect engagement.

Welcome emails should not have content characterized with sales pitch! Make sure that the content of your welcome email is bereft of any sort of intentions that suggest your sales-making ambitions.

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