• Prasanth Kallay

Avoid Sending Too Many Emails

A successful email marketer is one whose email campaigns show constructive and healthy statistics. By the word 'Statistics' I mean clicks and opens. The click rate and the open rate form the crux of an email campaign statistic.

It is indeed true that most email marketers tend to send too many emails so the recipients get bored and frustrated to say the least. Hence most recipients stop reading their emails. This would amount to very poor statistic.

Therefore one of the most important aspects of successful email marketing consists in sending limited emails to the prospects. As an email marketer you would do well to send emails to your prospects only when you feel for certain that they should be informed and briefed about the pros of your business or product.

In fact the frequency of email sending should be decided truly and surely by you alone. Make sure that a healthy percentage of your previous emails were clicked and opened by the recipients. Once you could see an acceptable trend in the statistic then you can proceed further. In other words adjust your email sending frequency by keeping an eye on the statistic.

Your email marketing provider excels in letting you know the click rates and open rates of your emails and thus it encourages you to go ahead in preparing the next email much to your delight and satisfaction.

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